Ethiopia has cultivated coffee for over 1000 years, and now the country’s coffee industry is developing the sustainable practices we need to keep growing.

Many modern coffee farms practice clearcutting forests in the name of profit, but local Ethiopian farmers are proving natural growing practices can be just as productive. By working with the natural landscape rather than against it, organic shade coffee farmers preserve a precious ecosystem while producing world-renowned coffee.

Jebenna’s shade coffee is native to the Ethiopian forest-farms that produce it. Cultivating this coffee in its natural environment preserves habitat for 860 different bird species, many of which are currently threatened by global extinction. And since these birds keep insects under control, our shade coffee beans can be grown entirely pesticide-free.

At Jebenna, we believe what’s good for the birds is good for us, too. Beginning with 100% eco-clean beans, our roasting process focuses on the profound taste experience of pure coffee. Our native Ethiopian varieties of coffee are roasted and brewed without additives, allowing the essential flavors of our ethically-sourced beans to shine and promoting a coffee experience that hearkens to the simple, healing, spiritual origins of coffee. We want to be perceived by our audiences as pure, balanced, natural, traditional, and earthy, while paying homage to our Ethiopian roots.