It’s the question we hear at the end of every shopping line: “Do you want that in plastic?” 

At IGAF, we believe the answer to that question isn’t as trivial as you might think, because it’s about much more than plastic bags. It’s about how much you’re willing to give for the future of our little blue planet. It’s one of those little actions that becomes a habit that makes a mindset that becomes a tidal wave of change. IGAF believes that every time you say no to plastic, what you’re really saying is I Give A F***. Ultimately, reusuable bags can’t save the planet. But humans who Give A F*** can.

IGAF is a sustainably-oriented brand with a mission to replace the plastic that’s become ubiquitous in everyday life. Our earth and ocean-friendly bag is unique to the industry in its strong retail design appeal and its loving-but-firm attitude. As a company, IGAF G’s a F*** about the three “Ps” of Sustainability: people, profit and planet. IGAF wants to be perceived by its stakeholders as human-centered, desirable, fashionable, cool/hip and earth-friendly.