Chocolate’s history is tangled in ancient magic, medicine, and ritual. Since its first cultivation thousands of years ago, cacao has been ground, baked, and brewed to make everything from love potions to holy water.

While modern chemistry has revealed chocolate’s health benefits, Ettelia also celebrates the ancient wisdom of chocolate’s mystical connection to the divine. Our chocolate alchemists  leverage the antioxidant, antidepressant, and anti-stress properties of cacao in combination with unexpected and exciting ingredient combinations to craft an extraordinary chocolate experience. These novel chocolate concoctions promote a tasting experience that’s something between mindful and manifesting.

At Ettelia, we believe unusual chocolate combinations can stop time and slow your thought traffic down. We think each piece should be like a walk on the moon and the buzz of neon, like falling in love (head over heels) and stargazing till sunrise. We want to be perceived as dreamy, quirky, cosmic, mystical, and just a bit weird, while taking aesthetic cues from alchemy and divination.